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Welcome to The Stylish Print — I’m so excited you’re here.

My name is Jessi. I’m a social media community manager, wife and style blogger who has a passion for connecting with people online. I started The Stylish Print because of my love of fashion. But now, I believe personal style is about more than wearing the latest trends. Personal style is about confidence. It’s about wearing a dress that makes you feel beautiful… Or wearing jeans because that’s when you feel your best. I hope this site inspires you to live happily and to find joy in stylish details.

So, who am I? And why should you care what I have to say? I studied apparel merchandising and journalism in college. My background is in writing and editing for fashion, beauty and lifestyle print and digital publications. Today, I find joy in managing social media communities for retail brands who care about building relationships with their customers.

In my free time, you’ll likely find me watching my favorite shows on HGTV, capturing photos for myΒ Instagram or exploring antique shopsΒ in Phoenix.

Jessi Russell / The Stylish Print