the stylish print_blue dress the stylish print_blue dress

the stylish print_blue dress

the stylish print_blue dress

the stylish print_blue dress Because life is always better when you have flowers in your hair.

Today, I wanted to share a few more photos from my collaboration with Elizabeth Carrie Photography. I’m obsessed with her work (as you’ve probably noticed), but I especially love how much Elizabeth cares about the details. She even took the time to make me a flower crown using real pink tulips.

So, with flowers in my hair and a flowy maxi dress on, I felt more like a bohemian goddess for these photos and less like my typical girly self. That’s totally OK with me. I loved this dress when I tried it on at Forever 21, and the more I start to learn about my personal style, the more I understand I don’t have to limit myself to wearing clothing defined as being super “girly.”

Personal style is about discovering pieces that get you excited — whether they are girly, edgy, sporty, boho or anything in between — and creating outfits that reflect your personality. For this outfit, there are characteristics that make it feel boho to me, like its tiered bottom and strappy open back. But its pastel blue color and flattering waistline are feminine details I’m drawn to.

If you love this boho meets girly dress as much as I do, you can shop for it here. It is almost completely sold out, but below are a few similar styles and pretty flower crown to go with them.

*Blog photos by Elizabeth Carrie Photography