blonde ombre_the stylish print

This week I said “So long” to boring allover color and “Hello” to a new blonde ombre ‘do. Over the last few years, this has been my go-to style, but I recently chopped 10 inches off my hair, losing my highlighted ends and leaving behind my natural dirty-blonde color. Like many women, I’m not a fan of my natural hair color, so when I felt the need for something more lively, I turned to my cousin/hairstylist/best friend, Britni, to update my look.

The hair-coloring technique Britni used can be called ombre or color-melting. It is a style perfect for people (like me) who don’t want to color their hair often, because it grows out nicely. Another huge plus is it keeps hair healthier because it requires few touch-ups, unlike highlights or allover color, Britni explained.

To get this “grown-out” look, Britni said she melted two hair colors together. On me, she blended a darker blonde with the natural hair color at my roots and then blended a lighter blonde into the darker blonde. To brighten my complexion, Britni said she brought the lighter blonde up higher near my face, which gives the illusion of highlights without the commitment to frequent salon visits.

My favorite thing about this style is as my hair grows, my natural hair color will become more prominent at my roots, creating an ever more dramatic ombre affect that doesn’t need to be touched up… and there’s nothing I love more than low-maintenance hair color.