I’ve worked at large corporate headquarters, start-up offices and everything between. But as someone who is hardworking and independent, I thrive in my home office. Here are my five tips for working from home like the #girlboss you are.

Working From Home | The Stylish Print
Working From Home | The Stylish Print

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Working from home isn’t for everyone, but if you’re like me, you’ll love the freedom you feel from doing so. Success is all about establishing a good routine from the start. Here are my top tips for creating the perfect routine for working from home.

1. Create A Designated Workspace

Having a dedicated workspace helps your mindset shift from home to work and back again. I love “shutting down” for the day when I leave my home office at night and don’t spend much time in my office outside of work. If a dedicated work room isn’t doable in your home, create a designated space in another room. What’s important is you feel like you’re at “work” when you’re in that space. So, make it somewhere quiet where you can dive into your work without distractions (more on that below). Once at work, I love lighting a Capri Blue candle and playing instrumental music to keep my mind focused.

Home Office Organization for a Small Space

(Learn more about how I got my home office organized here.)

2. Limit Distractions

People often assume working from home is difficult because of the “distractions.” The truth is, you have way more control over the potential distractions at home compared to an office. You can’t really control when a co-worker stops by your desk to talk… ;) But you can control if the TV is on in the living room. The important thing is to make sure you’re limiting any distractions in your home office. So, keep the TV off and let friends and family know when your office hours are so they don’t call while you’re working.

3. Get Ready for the Day

OK, I’ll admit it. It’s so tempting to just roll out of bed and wear sweatpants all day when you work from home. But your appearance (even when nobody will see you) matters. Why? Because you will show up differently at work when you feel put-together. I’m not saying you have to get super dressed up and do a full face of makeup… But I do encourage you to show up for work ready for the day just as you would in an office.

Bonus Tip: I go to a workout class before work and doing so makes me so much more motivated to get ready in the mornings. You’re kind of forced to shower when you come home from the gym sweaty. ;) Plus working out is such a great way to start the workday, because you’ll feel more awake and energized.

4. Use Block Scheduling

This is one of my favorite productivity tips in general. I love planning my entire day ahead of time so I know exactly what I have to get done. For big projects and important tasks, I schedule blocks of time on my Google calendar designated to each. Doing this is the best way to make sure the things on your to-do list actually get done.

Working From Home | The Stylish Print

5. Switch Things Up When Needed

One thing everyone warned me about when I started working from home was feeling “stuck” at home all day every day. But what I’ve found is that feeling is the same feeling I got at my desk in a corporate office. At home, though, there are more ways to switch things up. I love starting my mornings at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. After a couple hours there, I head into my office until lunch. Bouncing from room to room keeps things interesting and can give me the creative boost I need when I’m in a rut. If you have lots of freedom with your work, try working from a coffee shop some days for a change of scenery.

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